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Dr. S. A. Haider

Dr. Haider Profile

Dr. Haider current position as General Manager, SureBeam Middle East, which is one of the world's largest, most well equipped, and cost efficient irradiation facilities in the world. He has been instrumental in coordinating with US, European, and Saudi companies to ensure the on time record of the SureBeam Riyadh facility's completion and its successful and profitable operations to process food and medical sterilization of hospital supplies. He brings a wealth of experience, organizational abilities and growth initiatives to our Marketing efforts in the Middle East and Far East Dr. Haider single handedly  conceptualized  formation of SureBeam Middle East ( with Saudi Owners and was responsible for their $75 million dollar project in Saudi Arabia. 

Dr. Haider's Saudi Arabian experience began in 1977. He began with the Al Hoty Stanger Testing Laboratories in Alkhobar to support Saudi Aramco inspection and testing requirement. While with Al Hoty Stanger, he was instrumental in bringing this small, one branch testing laboratory to a leading position throughout the Gulf for the materials testing industry. His positions with Al Hoty Stanger include over 15 years in senior management positions, which included six years as the General Manager. He had full responsibility for the company and was involved in every aspect of company operations including responsibility for the P& L of the firm. The company employed over 300 multinationals from 7 different countries.



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